A mix of options for kids... of ALL ages!

What would YOU like to be? A cat? A butterfly? A dog? A tiger? Spiderman? You tell us.

We even do Glitter Tattoos.


Our expert face-painters are only limited by YOUR imagination!

Take your kids party to the next level - have a special guest pop in for a visit?


Our Characters bear uncanny resemblances to:


  • Dorothy The Dinosaur

  • Elmo

  • Cookie Monster

  • Dora the Explorer

  • Spongebob Square Pants

  • Everyone's  Favourite Ice Queen & Princess


Even Santa comes on board every Christmas to lend a hand!

"The Funny Farmers” Show follows the musical mishaps of 2 crazy, colourful Farmers, and their Dancing Cow.

It’s “farmer-gedden” as Farmer Pete and Farmer Matt to get their Farm in order with live music and songs, featuring guitars, drums, two-part vocal “farmonies”, and frenetic comedy, all with the help of the kids in the audience.

The Funny Farmers’ comedic show is not just about life on the farm… Everyone can benefit from learning about animals, growing your own healthy food and teamwork.

Along the way, the kids might be treated with the special appearances of a few of the crazy animals from the farm, including Jolly Joy, the Dancing Cow, and Clive the Cranky Crow.

So, no “drought” the Funny Farmers will have you laughing and singing “Ee Aye, Ee Aye… OMG, what a great show!”


Our Jumping Castle is perfect for most back yards, needing an area of only 5m x 5m. It has a weight limit of 600kg - making it suitable for the bigger kids as well!


With obstacles and a mini slide, it's always a hit at parties and functions. We even do fundraisers and fetes.


Contact us to see how we can help at your next event.


We've all played Foosball, but now you can PLAY Foosball.

That's right. HUMAN FOOSBALL.


We couldn't make you smaller so we just made the pitch bigger.

Players get strapped to the poles on our 12 x 5 Metre pitch.

Teams of 5 battle it out for total supremacy.


No matter what age you are, ANYONE can be the next Ronaldo.

you can make your own knock out tournament or run your very own league for premiership points. Or you can just have a great time playing or supporting from the sideline. 

We now have SUMO SUITS for your next event or party.


Our kids sumo suits let you chose between BATMAN or SPIDERMAN to battle it out in the ring.


And we have forgotten about the bigger kids. We also have adult SUMO SUITS.

Hire for the day or hire for the weekend. Call us  to find out more.


Food glorious food.

Everybody's gotta eat, and who doesn't like Fairy Floss, Popcorn & Hot Dogs.

Make your next event or party a huge hit one or all of them.

 - Buttered flavoured pop corn, just like the cinema's

 - Sweat, sweat Fairy Floss with a range of different flavours                available

 - Hot Diggety Dogs. Gourmet hot dogs. These dogs are the most      delicious Hot Dogs you'll ever have. A treat for your taste buds        and your guests.